Welcome to Morph The Transformable Shapeshifting Fluff!

You can build anything with Morph from fire breathing dragons to under the sea mermaids, and because it doesn’t dry, you can Morph again and again.

In fact, the more you Morph, the fluffier it gets!

Choose Colours!

Get Creative!

With so many colours to choose from, if you can imagine it, with Morph, you can make it!

Morph fluff never dries so the fun never ends!

Choose Colours!

Ink It!

Morph is the only fluff that you can ink, so whatever you create, you can stamp, keep forever, and then Morph all over again!

Morph is a super light, super fun, sensory sensation!

Bounce it! Float it! Shape it! Build it! Ink it!

Let's Go!

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