Morph Colours

Morph combines all the fun of fluff and the durability of dough for a unique experience with no mess. You can sculpt your masterpiece with our range of colourful Morph products, then when you’re finished, you can start all over again!


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Atomic Tangerine

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Surf Blue

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Electric Purple

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Sonic Green

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Ultra Pink

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Sunburst Yellow

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Mix it up

There are endless possibilities with Morph, whether you want to bounce it, float it, build it, or even ink it, you can do it. It even stays in shape until you’re ready to begin your next adventure!

With six vibrant colours to pick, why not mix and match for your Morph creations?

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Asobi is a proud distributor of Morph, our products provide education as well as entertainment, and inspire a high-quality play time that is creative and delightful.

Morph is exclusively available to retailers in the UK through Asobi, so if you’d like to be a part of a new wave of open ended creative thinking, then visit our ‘contact us’ page to make an enquiry.

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